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New work, new technique

No, it's not my usual style, but it was definitely fun to do. These are three recent commissions in their final home, beautifully framed by my friend Boris at Striving Artists. Instead of my usual graphite, these are digital paintings done primarily in Adobe Illustrator, using a stylus for my pencil. Shetland Sheepdogs are sweet and lively little dogs, with lots of personality. They are also loyal, devoted to their owners and extremely intelligent, and my goal was to capture all these elements in each individual portrait. I hope I succeeded. [...]
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California Spirit at the Arts Council Show

This past Sunday was the Chatsworth Fine Arts Council’s annual show, held on the grounds of the Metrolink Depot. It’s always a popular draw for the local community, a great way to spend a sunny Sunday, in pleasant surroundings and with the opportunity to see the work of the area’s best artists.   Most of the show is outdoors, with booths lining the exterior of the central depot building.  The interior of the main station lobby houses a fascinating photographic history of the area, including memorabilia from the many old Westerns which used the Chatsworth hills as backdrop.   This year I was the only [...]
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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

I wrote some time ago that the old man portrayed in "Last of the Mountain Men" had a pair of ancient western boots nailed to the fence around his home, and that I knew I would draw them some day. I did, and they've been up here for a while, but I'm so fascinated by the story behind them, and the elderly owner, that I wanted to tell it one more time!   First of all, imagine buying a funky old house from the 1930's, hidden in a remote, hilly area above the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, of all places. Even longtime [...]
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Brothers - Second Time Around

Back in 2002, I was commissioned to do a portrait of two young brothers.  It was a great project - gorgeous kids, wonderful client and a lot of fun to do.  Shortly before Christmas, I got the nod to do a second portrait of them. What a wonderful experience it was to have the opportunity to show all the changes they've gone through over the past six years.  They've certainly turned into quite the handsome gentlemen! Anyway, I wanted to share them with you, so here they are...   And in case you're interested, here are the reference photos I used...    If [...]
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The Home of the Mountain King

apologies to Edvard Grieg, I bring you our own homegrown Mountain King.... Oh wait, before I get to that, if you read my previous post, "House for Sale: 2bd 2 ba,ac, grt view, mtn man installed..." I thought you'd like to take a look at the charming little house I told you about...     Wait, sorry, wrong one.  Vision from another life.  I spent about five years writing for that show, but that's a whole nuther story...make that stories. I meant THIS little house, my ex's new place, the one that came with the mortgage and a mountain man, plus a lotta chicken poop.       Nice, [...]
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House for sale: 2 bd 2 ba, ac, grt view, mtn man installed...

So three years ago, when my ex went looking for a mortgage to call his own, he found himself on a winding trail, complete with strolling peacocks, a sign reading "County Maintenance Ends Here," and a flock of ZZ Tops on Harleys outside the local chapter of Hells Angels. [...]
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Vintage is cool if you’re a wine.

Antique is great if you’re a chair.  Seasoned is fine if you’re a salad.  But if you’re old, you’re obsolete.  The man with the white hair portrayed in "The Vigil," my most recent work, is one of my favorite people.             He's a kind, warm and very genuine person, but beyond that, he has more energy than most of the kids I know. When he told me his age, I made him show me his driver's license, and even then I wasn't entirely convinced.  He has a smile for everyone and lives life as if it's a gift handed out [...]
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The Best Kept Secret of the Art World.

If I Google HG2 3RH, I can see a photo of my mother’s house in England.  If I Google the 75056 zip code, I can see my best friend’s house in Texas.  But if I Google “black and white art,” what do you think I get? Photographs.  Black and white photographs.  Beautiful, exquisite even, but I was looking for black and white artwork.  Pencil, pen and ink, charcoal... If you’re reading this, I’m guessing we’re on the same page about black and white art.  As in, we like it.  So where is it? Why is it so hard to find?  We can’t be the [...]
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Canine Art Guild Celebrates 5th Year with Online Exhibition

info on the Canine Artists Guild fifth anniversary competition...it's a fun show, check it out, and don't forget to vote! For Immediate Release March 2010 Contact: Kimberly Kelly Santini 810-908-9003 Canine Art Guild Celebrates 5th Year with Online Exhibition No joke - this April 1st, 2010, the Canine Art Guild (CAG) will “hang” an online exhibition celebrating their five years of existence. Titled “Dog-Gonn It!” the show is entirely made up of artwork that is 5” square. Canine Art Guild member Catherin McMillan said “For me it was a case of thinking outside the square I usually work in. I've never worked so small before and [...]
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Canine Art Guild Exhibition- you don't want to miss it!

Hey folks, Wanted to give you a heads up on  the opening of an online exhibition that art lovers, especially dog lovers, wouldn't want to miss.  The Canine Art Guild is celebrating its five year anniversary with a presentation featuring the fabulous work of its more than a hundred member artists.   In honor of the occasion, each piece is sized at 5 x 5 inches, and the prices of the ones available for purchase all contain the number five.   The project is also a competition and if you go to the site, you'll have the opportunity to vote for your favorite. [...]
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